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The DTH Services Group was founded in 2015 as an outsourced partner for Dynamic Technologies, to provide a comprehensive Accounting, Payroll, Financial Management and Administration Service to the Dynamic Technologies Group. Due to external demand, the company expanded its services to the market in general, servicing SMMEs, multinational organisations and global corporates.

Through our service offering, we deliver results, add value and help your business thrive. We take the stress out of payroll and financial management, giving you peace of mind that your essential business services are managed to the highest professional level.

Our group is 51% black male owned, with a forward-thinking approach that will bring innovation to your business processes, while ensuring you remain fully compliant with current legislation

“Dora’s team has been exceptional in understanding our unique needs, and it feels as if they are part of our company, not an external service provider.”

Marcin Jekot, Swarm Loyalty Apps

“Sending a mail to Dora called to mind the great time I had working [at the DTH Services Group]. I was really impressed with everything, especially the depth of knowledge Dora has of our client’s company, as well as the way she empowers her own employees. I think Dora can feel very good about the image she creates, not only to those within the company, but to people outside, like myself”

Dévan de Lange, Trainee Accountant and External Auditor at DTH Services Group.

“Since the inception of CloudSmiths four years ago, we have appreciated the ongoing accounting and payroll support offered by DTH Services.  We have found the ethics and principles of the DTH Services staff to be above reproach.  DTH Services has supported our company through a massive growth curve, adapting to the continuously changing processing requirements on demand.  We strongly commend their service ethic and look forward to a long-term relationship”

Vaughan Diedrick, Operations Executive, Cloudsmiths

“Working with Dora and her team is a pleasure. We entrust them with vital aspects of our business and they always deliver, on time and accurately. As an outsourced service provider, Dora understands the complexities of Dynamic Technologies and contributes greatly to the efficient running of our business.”

Chris Wilkins, CEO, Dynamic Technologies

“I would like to say a special thank you to the DTH Services team who have been nothing but professional and helpful when we needed them. Their team ensures our payments are loaded, handle our books and make sure all our creditors and debtors books are up to date. Without support like this, we would not be able to provide our high levels of service or produce quality learners. Dynamic DNA is a brand that is growing day by day, and without the assistance of DTH Services this would not be possible.”

Prudence Mabitsela, Managing Director, Dynamic DNA



Exceptional service, attention to detail and workmanship of the highest quality – this is how we at DTH Services Group take care of our loyal clients. We become an extension of your essential business services, with a hassle-free, streamlined offering that provides your business with a competitive advantage. Our commitment and dedication to our clients is paramount and we strive at all times to deliver a professional, cost-effective service.